A Wordsmith's Work

A Wordsmith's Work:
New Edition

With expanded sections on:

  • Crisis Communications for Higher Education

  • Crisis Communications for Law Enforcement

  • Crisis Communication in Health Care

  • Crisis Communications for Restaurants

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About author Mark Weaver


Mark Weaver is a national communications expert who uses high-level writing skills to help solve problems in law, media, government, and public affairs. Formerly a Spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice, his writing and commentary have been featured in dozens of national news outlets including the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Baltimore Sun, and many others. In addition to advising business leaders and members of Congress, he teaches at The Ohio State University College of Law, the University of Akron and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He's active on Twitter @MarkRWeaver.


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About "A Wordsmith's Work"

Leaders and people who want to get things done need strong writing communications skills. This book offers a great insight into how to make your writing persuasive and memorable. These are the tips, advice and examples of an expert communicator.

Author Mark Weaver worked one-on-one with the Great Communicator himself, President Ronald Reagan. NBC News in Charlotte, North Carolina called Mark Weaver "one of the nation's foremost experts in crisis communications." His weapon of choice: powerful words. Words that persuade, inspire, and amuse. That's why Mark Weaver is sought out by corporate leaders, college presidents, and public officials all across America.

When you read "A Wordsmith's Work," you'll be moved, persuaded, and you may even laugh out loud. If you're interested in more effective speeches, news media relations, or communications, then this is the book for you.


Praise for "A Wordsmith's Work"

U.S. Congressman Brad Wenstrup --

"This collection of Mark Weaver's work shows his innate ability to capture the art of messaging. By combining logic, facts, and, often, humor, Mark hits home with his audience."

National Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury -- 

"While Mark Weaver has used his considerable skills as a wordsmith to defend crime victims and law enforcement officers all across America, the tips and examples in this book can help everyone communicate better."

Former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery --

"Rich and thoughtful commentary on major issues of the last three decades, this book and its author reflect a depth of experience and thought that make it well worth reading!"